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    Our Architect will assist you in choosing the type of design that best suits your particular needs, fits the site constraints and meets current environmental controls.

Make an appointment by phone, fax or email to visit our office at Thornleigh NSW (a northern suburb of Sydney) for a one hour free consultation on how best to go about selecting the right design for your block of land (site)

Please remember to bring the necessary information to the consultation including:

  • survey information for your land including boundaries, site levels and position of large trees.

  • photos of your site including adjoining neighbours' houses
  • a sewer diagram if the sewer is available
  • a list of your requirements (the brief) and an idea of your budget or available finance.

You can also check on your local Council's requirements which can be obtained off their internet web page or visit them and discuss over-the-counter the requirements for building on your land including on-site sewer disposal (if un-sewered) and restrictions on bushfire affected areas.

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